BBL community beach cleanersBagamoyo Beach Lovers is made up of a dedicated group of residents of Bagamoyo, Tanzania who are working toward the goals of waste reduction, environmental conservation, and improved community education and engagement.

Founded in 2016, Bagamoyo Beach Lovers (BBL) was started as a small initiative combining resources from the local community, educational facilities and Bagamoyo’s tourism industry, in order to pilot the first basic waste collection and management system along the Bagamoyo coastline.

Since then, BBL has succeeded in the removal of dozens of tonnes of residual waste, the installation of rubbish bins and waste collection points, the creation of a community recycling point, school and volunteer workshops, and the support of a major baseline study. Daily operations are led by both paid local staff and international volunteers and managed by the founders and advisory committee. BBL is committed to involving a range of both public and private stakeholders, and partnering with other groups and NGOs who share the same values of protecting our oceans and coastlines.